Author Topic: Guide to using the Mede8er Aggregated Jukebox Manager to find path information.  (Read 18871 times)

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One of the areas that people seem to struggle with when setting up the Aggregated Jukebox is getting the correct path information that the Mede8er needs. This seems to be harder for people who are sharing their drives via NFS.
The Mede8er Aggregated Jukebox Manager requires you to specify the places that your movies are located in one at a time.
For each location you have to specify two pieces of information

1)   The path to where the movies can be found by the program
2)   The path that the Mede8er will use to find the same movies.

The program helps you with point 1) as it has a folder browser dialog and you just navigate to the folder that contains your movies. Previous versions of the program didnít help with point 2 and required you to type this information in. If you knew your network well then this probably wasnít too difficult but looking at posts on the forum this seems to be the area that most people are struggling with when getting the aggregated jukebox working.

The Mede8er Aggregated Jukebox Manager has been expanded with a feature that will help you work out the correct path information. At the moment this help is limited to NFS shares and Samba shares that donít require a password. I will look at USB and password protected samba shares at a future date.

Being honest this is a bit of a workaround and relies on the program analysing a backup of the Mede8er config file but it does seem to work and will save some people hours of wasted effort.

You will need a USB stick to do this. You will also need to add some temporary jukeboxes to your favourites.
1.)   Add each of the jukeboxes that you wish to aggregate to your favourites
2.)   Go into each of the jukeboxes that you have added to your favourites to check that you can see films in them. If you canít then there is no point going any further.
3.)   Turn on the Samba process on your Mede8er. This is on the settings menu
4.)   Insert your USB stick into the Host Port of your Mede8er. On the 1000x3D this is the lower of the two USB ports
5.)   Go into the setup menu on your Mede8er and choose the Save Config option.

Youíve now finished with your Mede8er for the time being. Start up the Mede8er Aggregated Jukebox Manager on your PC. You must be using version or greater.

1.)   Click on the Set Movie Location button
2.)   You can either now edit an existing location or choose to add a new one.
3.)   Regardless of which option you choose the Locate Movies dialog will be displayed.
4.)   Click on the Mede8er Config button.
5.)   A new screen will appear. Click on the Locate Config button
6.)   A standard Windows Open File dialog will appear. You now need to navigate to the Mede8er.CFG file that is located on the USB stick plugged into your Mede8er.  By default your Mede8er is called X3D unless you have renamed it. Navigate to the USB stick on the Mede8er and select the Mede8er.CFG file. If you really struggle with this you could always plug the USB stick into your computer and navigate to that instead. The important point is that the Mede8er.CFG is saved to the USB stick
7.)   The Mede8er config file screen will now display a path for each of your favourites that you have setup on your Mede8er
8.)   Click on a path in the list and then click the Use button
9.)   You will be returned to the Locate Movies screen with the Mede8er Path field completed for you. 
10.)   You now need to click on the Folder button and navigate to the movies folder for the Mede8er Path that you have just added.

Thatís it. Just repeat adding Movie Locations to the program until you have added all the locations that you wish to aggregate.
The favourites that you added to your Mede8er at the start of this process can now be removed unless you want to keep them.

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Your post made me realize more things.