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What version of firmware are you using on the Mede8er ?

I'm not getting: genre, plot and rating :(((
Is there a way to fix it?
after this update, my subtitles, in special characters like "„" or "ŗ" shows a chinese character.
(my subtitles are portuguese)
Can you help me?

PS: i have also a Med600 and its ok
I wouldn't upgrade beyond 3tb. Some users have oveladed the sata power and developed i/o faults.
The technology is based on that of a DVD player. The sata was only  meant for the power load of a DVD player.
Once you need more than 3tb your into NAS territory.

I upgraded my wan router to to the Asus AC88U some time ago. That has far more CPU power than the 1186 chip. I have a powered USB 3.0 drive connected to it. It copes to a PC are over 20 mb/s and hs no problem streaming to the Med. It also supports NFS 2.0.

Spending money on that was a bigger improvement to my overall system than spending the money just on a NAS.

I also have the 4 channel Asus wifi card in my main PC. That gives me a 1084 mbps connection via wifi to the router under my TV.
How about a 3 or 4GB thumb drive? Copy files over, replace the drive, restore to new drive.

K.B., that would take forever. Iím hoping I can take out the original 3TB drive, put in the new 6TB drive, and then connect the 3TB drive back up to the Mede8er via a USB adapter and copy and paste the directories that are chalked full of videos over to the new drive. Thatís my hopes at least. Iím just really surprised that no one on this forum hasnít crossed this bridge yet. Or, Mede8er tech support offering a solution on how to do this.
Technical Issues / Re: Corrupted pictures after scratching - single movies
« Last post by chasrog on January 10, 2019, 01:23:03 pm »
First of all, download the "Image Resize for Windows 3.0" software that is compatible with both win7 and win10.
After you have installed it in administrator mode you will see that if you right-click on any image the "resize pictures" entry appears in the menu window.
Now go into the mede8er and scan your movies and you will see that when you go to the mede8er Prefriti menu and watch your movies they will have all the covers grainy.
At this point (via PC) go to the folder that contains your films and select the 4 files (cover-fanart-about-folder) with the right mouse button and select resize pictures from the menu, click on ok.
Go back to the mede8er in favorites and you will see that the covers have become ok.
At this point you navigate one by one the various movies to which you have modified the images and stop when you show the about, you will see that it is corrupt.
At this point when you are on the image about press on the remote control the "modify" button and you will see that the image about becomes perfect ... select save and it's done.

The 'modify' button is the edit button. I press this nothing happens. There is nothing in the menu on right side to suggest to fix corrupted (about) picture. Can it be made more clear. Thanks
Networking & Internet Issues / Re: Cannot connect, SMB 1.0 not supported
« Last post by ARKA on January 09, 2019, 08:06:01 pm »
Hey jer1956,
Thanks for the lead, I've had to do some searching, but I found it. :)
I'm using Windows 10 Home Edition Dutch.
So for those with the same problem:
Ga naar Instellingen - Apps - Apps en Onderdelen.
Ga helemaal naar onderen, ga naar Verwante Instellingen, Programma's en functies.
In de nieuwe window, linkerkant, ga naar Windows-onderdelen in-of uitschakelen.
In deze nieuwe window kun Ondersteuning voor SMB 1.0/CIFS aan en uitzetten.

Let op, deze instelling is niet voor niets door Microsoft uitgezet.
aanzetten is een beveiligingsrisico!
General Discussion / Re: Issues using yaDIS
« Last post by McraeDye on January 04, 2019, 04:25:51 am »
Where can I find more information?
Customer Feedback & Reviews / Re: free space
« Last post by McraeDye on January 04, 2019, 04:08:13 am »
Your post gave me a lot of information.
Networking & Internet Issues / Re: Cannot connect, SMB 1.0 not supported
« Last post by jer1956 on January 03, 2019, 06:40:05 pm »
Microsoft are making it difficult to force users to upgrade other kit.
SMB1 can be turned back on using Windows Features. Even then Network Discovery will avoid SMB1. You have to use Map Network Drive.
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