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Technical Issues / Re: Is there a way to force 1080p 25/50Hz output?
« Last post by jer1956 on May 02, 2018, 08:06:01 am »
Realtek do it this way via the SDK. The 1186 SDK is ages old and no longer supported by Mele, the subcontractor. The world has moved on to ARM based designs and SDK's.
Technical Issues / Re: Is there a way to force 1080p 25/50Hz output?
« Last post by ghandar on May 02, 2018, 12:55:50 am »
I don't understand why the Mede8er can't just ignore the EDID and make all output options available that the Mede8er supports. Why can't it do that? My newer android media player has that option, as does my Panasonic blu-ray player - it just lists all possible resolutions and refresh rates the player can output - if your TV can't display it, then it just reverts back to the previous config. This shouldn't cost anything or require any extra hardware. It just looks like the Mede8er insists on using the EDID and removing any option not listed in the EDID, instead of ignoring it.

My Android player calls this feature "Ignoring HDMI EDID" in advanced options.

Help is required.

I have done all the above i see movie folder but when i get in it does not show any contents.

Any solution ?
Technical Issues / Re: Corrupted pictures after scratching - single movies
« Last post by gordan on April 29, 2018, 03:12:23 pm »
I can confirm that the thumbnail problem was fixed after updating to v.4.0.2_rev.2. Hope this helps someone.
General Discussion / Newbie Question - About.jpg
« Last post by gbman on April 28, 2018, 09:21:12 am »
Hi All,

I have had a MED800XD for a little while and an really pleased with it.

I (think) have sorted most things, but the about.jpg. I understand how it's created and when I scrape I see the about.jpg with the (fanart, cover and xml) but when I open a film folder, the picture I see isn't the populated about.jpg, but a version without the cover and a small gap for the film info.

For info, the view.xml records the view mode as 'Music' and the Mede8er.db last update date is dated before the about.jpg file was created, not sure if this helps things.

Thanks in advance for any help.   
General Discussion / Re: TV STB
« Last post by jer1956 on April 27, 2018, 07:53:19 am »
Retailers still have old stock from the last batch of 1186 chips in existence, made into X3D's over three years ago. Sanji are no longer in the media player bussiness. But they are still in bussiness, not so A C Ryan.
General Discussion / Re: TV STB
« Last post by oshb5ems on April 27, 2018, 12:08:52 am »
""Sanji  are no longer developing products"""
So you can no longer buy any Mede8er product? Or you canbut no sport?.

Im just looking for something for the rest of the family to be able to set and recorde their programs at will the soaps for the wife and other stuff for the kids. I take care of myself by downloading to my seedbox and playing what i want from the med800x3d on any format i have.

But like i said id like a pvr to recored freeview  that can be controled over the network and either recorded by the network nas or USB stick  So if anyone can suggest any box or way to do it then please do?.

At the moment the only thing iv seen is the 
VBox TV Gateway 3rd Generation
With a Dual network tuner for Free To Air Terrestrial / Aerial DVB-T/T2 reception At 114.00  >:(

So like I said anything you can think of would be a great idea for me..

Best regards OH
The probleme with corrupted images after scraping comes from a long time problem that I have identified in Mede8er software. Mede8er can't read JPG files that are compressed using a multipass process. You can try by using Photoshop and recompressing a cover files in jpg using 3 or 5 passes optimisation. So it seems that TMB is now using multipass compression. So the only thing Mede8er should do is correct the software so it can read, write and modify multi pass compressed JPG files...!!!!! I hope Mede8er will read this because most of Mede8er fans (like myself) might move to Zappiti or else...
General Discussion / Re: TV STB
« Last post by jer1956 on April 26, 2018, 09:45:55 am »
Sanji  are no longer developing products. Most people now get Smart TV's and make do with the inbuilt features. Those with niche requirements can now build their own with the Raspberry Pii or mini-PC. I am using a mini-PC to run foobar to play music. At 85 they are cheap enough to be dedicated to one function.
General Discussion / TV STB
« Last post by oshb5ems on April 26, 2018, 07:52:28 am »
Hi All

Iv been looking for a new STB as my Echostar 610r has about had it and that cost over 200 when new. Anyway iv finally come up to a box called the VBox and its all IP so you can recorde and play from any PC or laptop on your home network even log in from over the internet to book recordings and so on.. But the box itself does not have a HD in it relys on either a NAS or USB Sticks..

I just wondered if this sort of think could ever come to the mede8er series of units. Iv got the MED800X3D Via either a add on board or even a new unit.. Because the one I have is already a godsend and with a TV Dual tuner added it would be just perfect and be many boxes in one LOL

Regards OH
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