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Technical Issues / Help please
« Last post by Nadia9221 on October 19, 2017, 08:12:57 am »
Im houseaitting and here is a med500x. I want to copy movies from it to my usb stick. How do i go about doimg this.

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Technical Issues / Re: TV Scraper issue. August 2017.
« Last post by Spike30 on October 18, 2017, 11:53:39 am »
as of today when i scan a new serie it only finds the info of the serie not of the episodes anybody else with this problem.  Or can i scrape my series on my computer?  I have a mac. thank you
Technical Issues / Re: TV Scraper issue. August 2017.
« Last post by jer1956 on October 18, 2017, 07:29:40 am »
The cause of the issue is known. The problem is third party sources of scrape keep moving on and changing their software. Clients have to change to keep up. That is difficult at this stage of the X3D's lifecycle. There is no longer a coding team creating new features to put that on hold to change API software as needed.
Technical Issues / Re: TV Scraper issue. August 2017.
« Last post by moodybluesman on October 17, 2017, 08:26:48 pm »
I loved my mede8er box under my TV, all my TV series and movies in MKV, and music videos in iso, 3.5 GB which took me months to sort out adding info and pics to TVDB etc. I'm just glad I got most of it done before this happened. I also stream my Ripnas to the mede8er which plays audio through my old hi-fi so that I have a flac music jukebox with everything displayed on my TV, great stuff. It's just the images that aren't scraped, the series / episode information is all there so I just add the jpegs manually, a pain but better than nothing. Will we eventually lose the text files too?    Perhaps there is something on this site that could do the job?
Technical Issues / Re: TV Scraper issue. August 2017.
« Last post by jer1956 on October 17, 2017, 12:23:04 pm »
Mediaplaying is a broad church. There are those who just want a simple box, connect and play via the remote. There are others who end up with box under the tv as just one unit in a complex home entertainment network. Trying to keep the one box solution going is getting more and more difficult. Smart TV's have taken over that job.
Technical Issues / Re: TV Scraper issue. August 2017.
« Last post by Cinoche on October 17, 2017, 11:18:50 am »
You and I speak different languages. Yours' is loaded with techtalk which flies over my head. I haven't a clue what a DMR is? As an old retired gent I'm pretty much old school so everything has to be explained to me in longhand. Heck, most of my Mede8er's functions were never used because I couldn't understand them, nor the user manual. I'm probably in the minority but I'll bet I'm not alone in that regard.

Unlike most users, I don't have a TV. Mine is hooked up to a projector and I like having all the jackets displayed on the 3 metre wide screen. It makes it simple for the whole family and guests to see and read descriptions together; not something we could achieve with a tablet. But I'm sure you idea is very good.

Another thing that turns me off the Nvidia Shield TV player is its gaming aspect. While that is likely Nirvana for most youngsters, I want a player that just streams Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube content while also reading films and TV series from a hard drive and BluRay player.
TVrename / Re: TVRename - Tv Wall application
« Last post by bruce the boss on October 17, 2017, 10:48:31 am »
The version 2.3b1 is a beta version and has some bugs.
Meanwhile they fixed a lot of bugs, but there is no release yet.
The current version on github is working very well, so i think it will not be very long until a new version is released.

You are now talking about the TV-renamer?
Or is this about the movie / serie scrapper ?
Technical Issues / Re: TV Scraper issue. August 2017.
« Last post by jer1956 on October 17, 2017, 09:45:56 am »
Just change how you view mediaplayback. It dosn't have to be everything in one box. Many people end up using a tablet or phone as the GUI, not the player, and the media on a NAS. Longevity is far more achievable by using a remote PC as a combined NAS and media manager, and control it in the viewing room with a tablet. No more finding the codecs in the box under the TV are out of date, or it's GUI speed stuck in the stone age.

My X3D is now used in DMR mode more often than not.

My current project is run a PC player outputting via Airplay, and hosting linux in a virtual box as an airplay to dmr bridge. The aim is stream music to multiple airplay and dmr's at the same time. The building blocks are there. Getting them to work together is the issue.
General Discussion / Re: Some queries before I buy an MED800X3D/WP
« Last post by dortmunder on October 17, 2017, 06:33:23 am »
No, miles away...  I'll say this though:
Boot time is more than acceptable.  I've never had a bootfail yet (unlike my last android box).
The 'time seek' functions are excellent, you can skip in instalments of 10secs, 1min or 10mins and with the number keys, you can jump to 10%. 20% etc.  The 'skip' is instant, no lag.
You have a lot of control over subtitles size, position on screen and SIX colours to choose from.
The remote has all the necessary buttons unlike these new ones.
It doesn't play DivX out of the box so if you buy one, download this patch:
Simply put the dsf onto a stick, the stick into the Dune, navigate to it, press Enter on the remote and after the 'Success' message, do a full reboot.
It uses the 'scraper' system to catalogue your movies.  I have no interest in this at all.  My vids are already named and in a folder structure that I like and I want to keep them that way.  Unfortunately, the Dune cannot search your collection but a phone app called X-plore can.

I've tried a cheap android box, a cheap android box running LibreELEC/Kodi, an expensive android box (Minix) and the Dune.  Dune wins hands down.  I'll be deleting this thread from my bookmarks in a week.  All the best.
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