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General Discussion / Re: I can't see list of download-files.
« Last post by someone on Today at 01:05:15 pm »
I've Installed new firmware - "V4.0.2 - 6April2016 -X3D Series - for MED1000X - MED800X - MED600X Patched 2", but the problem still exists.
Here's a video of how to remove a partition

Just be sure you have the 4TB drive selected, delete each partition (if more than one).  Once you have deleted all partitions, right click on Unallocated space and select create new partition after that it's pretty easy to figure out. It will format the drive automatically.

You don't need a zero fill erase.  You may want to rename the drive to something more meaningful.

If doing this does not work it means your med8er does not like the USB Controller in the WD Enclosures and nothing can be done.
Thanks for reply.

Yes there are power supply (there are model WD Elements) and one of them still work before with the mede8er.

You said: "you could remove the current partition(s) on the 4TB and re-partition with a standard NTFS partition." please could you explain the steps to do that.
If that is going to the disk manager (on the computer) and change the name (Letter) and after that format the disk. If is this I do that after do the full erase (zeros fill) if is not this please show me the steps to do that.
Are these 4TB drives USB powered or do they have there own power supply ?  If USB powered could just be the Mede8er can't supply enough power for the 4TB.  Not all USB ports are created the same and bigger drives normal use a bit more power.  Try using a powered USB Hub.  If they have power supplies, power is not going to be your problem.

The other thing that could stop your Mede8er being seen is a unrecognised partition type.  So you could remove the current partition(s) on the 4TB and re-partition with a standard NTFS partition.

If your really unlucky the USB Controller chip in the 4TB enclosures are just not compatible with the Mede8er and there's nothing you can really do.   

General Discussion / Why mede8er did not recognize de WD external Disk
« Last post by digital on Today at 12:36:37 am »

What can I do?

I have two external Hard disks 4TB.
One of them is conected before to my mede8er and is full of movies.
The other one contains other kind of files and never are conected to the mede8er.
The first, suddenly, after I remove one item to the data of Jukebox, never more appears (Media Library - USB).
So I try the other one, and is the same, it did not appears at the Media Library - USB.
So the mede8er did not recognize these two external disks. I have another one, these is 2TB and it works.
So I try the two 4TB external disks in other two mede8er media players of friends of mine. The result is the same - The mede8er did not recognize the USB external disks.
So I think the problem is the two disks but when I conected these usb external disks to the computer, the computer show them and the files are good.
I just take away every files (folders with movies and folders of jukebox) and format again the disk. After I put the se one movie - conected the disk to the mede8er and the result is the same - THE DISK IS NOT RECoGNIZED at the mede8er.
So I make the FULL ERASE or ZERO FILL (8 or 9 hours for nothing) format again and the mede8er did not recognized the disk but the computer do and when I go to the disk maneger appears  - Disk at good condition.
So what is wrong and what can I do?
General Discussion / Issues using yaDIS
« Last post by Kizy on Yesterday at 08:33:49 pm »

I have a litlle problem with yaDIS :(

I started to scrappe all my movies on my external hard drive with yaDIS, i didnt notice any problem, i got all descritpions, posters, informations...
But the "export" thing is grey, i cant click on it, even when my MED600X3D is connected to my PC with USB or connected to my external hard drive..
Finally, i could export in a folder on my office but the problem is that my MED600X3D isnt recognized by my PC, so i cant put my files on my hard drive.

Then i tried to simply copy/paste files i got with yadis and to put them directly in my movies folder. But on my screen, the result is kind of disappointing, as u can see :

Here when im on the folder where there are all my movies, informations are there but not the template : ... g-0174.jpg

And when i choose a movie : ... g-0173.jpg

Where can the problem come from ? I did something bad ? Or i missed something ?

thank you!

J'ai un petit soucis avec yaDIS :(

J'ai commencé a traité tous mes films de mon disque dur externe avec yaDIS, jusque là aucun soucis, les descriptions, jaquettes, affiches etc sont toutes là.
Le problème est que mon bouton exporter est toujours grisé, même lorsque mon MED600X3D est branché a mon PC via USB ou même branché a mon Disque Dur...
Finalement j'ai pu exporter dans un dossier sur mon bureau. Le problème c'est que mon MED600X3D n'est pas reconnu par mon PC, donc je ne peux pas mettre les fichiers dessus..

Au final je me suis résigner a simplement copier/coller les fichiers que génère le logiciel pour les mettre directement dans les dossiers des films sauf que sur mon écran, le résultat est plutôt...décevant, voici quelques photos :

Ici lorsque je suis sur le dossier où il y a tous mes films, les jaquettes sont bien là mais le thème non.. ... g-0174.jpg

Puis lorsque choisi un film : ... g-0173.jpg

D'où peut venir le problème selon vous ? Fausse manip de ma part ? Je n'ai simplement pas compris quelque chose ? :)

Merci d'avance !
Technical Issues / Re: Issues with the m8 App and the X3D1000
« Last post by DrumAce on Yesterday at 08:32:47 am »
I never thought of what you thought before. I feel very good.
How does it answers my question above?
Technical Issues / Re: Issues with the m8 App and the X3D1000
« Last post by Welchhardy on Yesterday at 08:00:18 am »
I never thought of what you thought before. I feel very good.
Customer Feedback & Reviews / Re: Subtitle questio
« Last post by Welchhardy on Yesterday at 08:00:04 am »
Your post has given me something to think about.
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