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Title: Technical support guidelines
Post by: Maasbommel on December 06, 2010, 11:17:07 am
Here are some basic guidelines for requesting technical assistance.

Kindly include setup and configuration details that may be relevant to your issue
(or in your signature or profile so they don't need to be repeated for each report).

Product & firmware version: Mede8er MED500X f/w v3.0.4
Audio: Optical output > Yamaha RXV365 A/V Receiver
Audio setting: SPDIF Passthrough / Night mode OFF
Video: HDMI output > LG 50" Plasma LG50PS3000
Video setting: 1080p 50Hz,24Hz ON,16:9
Media Source: Wired Network > Windows XP SP3 SMB shares
Hard Drive: Seagate ST3100052BAS 1TB, formatted using Mede8er setup