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Title: What happened to Mede8er?
Post by: vvuuren on January 16, 2017, 09:08:03 am
So Mede8er shows up, brings out a few great products, then just disappears! No more Mede8er products, WTF?

Wouldve been nice to atleast know what is going on but we didn't hear anything, just BOOM gone!!

I feel abit sad and sickened by this   :'(
Title: Re: What happened to Mede8er?
Post by: jer1956 on January 16, 2017, 09:35:07 am
They only make Media Players. The Media Player has had it's day. During the testing of first gen ARM based chips, 4K Smart TV's arrived. 4K TV without 4K media is a pointless exercise. Every 4k TV has to be Smart, and offer 4K vod. All the last few generations of HD TV's have also been Smart. The niche for external media players has shrunk to virtually nothing.  No point saying they are not as good an external device is they satisfy the needs of 99.9%. Not finding a decent first gen ARM chip, and they tested lots, saved them from having unprofitable product. To them it wasn't Boom, that would have been the sound of going bust. They where not going to do an A C Ryan, seeing themselves as Media Player makers first, and a business second.

You can never say, never again. When they started Smart TV's didn't exist. The likes of Popcorn (sigma) and Mede8er(realtek) identified something was missing and filled it. It is no longer missing, it comes built in. So what's needed is another missing feature to be supplied by small companies.
Title: Re: What happened to Mede8er?
Post by: vvuuren on January 16, 2017, 09:50:01 am
Thank you for that,

however , not everyone can afford a 4K tv and everything that goes with it.

I enjoyed the simple setup of the mede8er, that I have a small player connected to my (gigabit) network which is connected to a NAS with al my media on. I haven't found any other product that meets my needs as the mede8er did.

So basically, there will be NO more mede8ers ever?

Now what am I supposed todo, plug a laptop into my tv to enjoy my multimedia?
Title: Re: What happened to Mede8er?
Post by: jer1956 on January 16, 2017, 09:53:44 am
Has your current play stopped working? You can find lots of ARM based clones on line for next to nothing. That's a big part of the problem. Mede8er are squeezed by dumped ARM players at the bottom end, and Smart TV's at the top. The new Realtek Android TV chip everyone is raving about has no market segment to fi in. It's too expensive to compete with the bottom end, and those with 4K TV's don't need an external box.
Title: Re: What happened to Mede8er?
Post by: vvuuren on January 16, 2017, 10:01:52 am
The 'optical' sound output is not working anymore, and I require a second one for the bedroom.

I have looked around online and shops, but can't find anything that meets my needs like mede8er.

For example, other media players I find don't have gigabit network and they don't have the function where you can view movie details on screen such as, movie cover photo, cast and description.

If you can send me a link of a good media player that has the above mentioned functions I will gladly have a look at it.
Title: Re: What happened to Mede8er?
Post by: jer1956 on January 16, 2017, 10:09:48 am
The problem is Mede8er where testing the fundamentals when testing ARM chips. It was all about clocks and HD sound.  They did a lot of work to get 23.976 working with earlier models, and where not keen to repeat the process, especially with a smaller market and more competition. The never found one they where happy with....
Title: Re: What happened to Mede8er?
Post by: jer1956 on January 16, 2017, 10:31:38 am
Companies do re-invent themselves to keep up their Standards. I used to buy Meridian Hi-fi in the late 70's and eighties. They where incredible good value, because the Japanese and Koreans dodn't see the need to push the boundaries. They soon did....
So Meridian said good bye to good value, and shot off into the stratosphere. Now you need thousands, and they fly in Russian Oligarchs to visit the show room.
Title: Re: What happened to Mede8er?
Post by: Nodscene on November 14, 2017, 04:04:25 am
Sorry but I think it's a load of crap. People are buying Android boxes by the truckloads (sure part of that is for streaming free TV shows) but the trend now is that smart TVs aren't going the smart route anymore (ie Vizio and even Oppo dropped smart apps from it's Blu Ray player). The biggest problem with Kodi based boxes is a lot have trouble with 4k hdr, hd audio passthrough and being able to stream 4k uhd from Netflix etc. Try to find one box that can do all of that. There is still a need for devices like you make or something along those lines.

It feels like as soon as things got a little tough and didn't exactly fit your business model you guys gave up instead of thinking ahead and taking advantage of other potential avenues. Frankly there is still opportunities in the streaming market for things like Netflix, Amazon. Vudu, HEVC, object oriented audio, DAC's etc etc. Even Dune put out a new player last year or so which is essentially in the same market as you albeit more expensive.

I personally think a lot of assumptions were made and while the next generation of chips may not have had what you needed at the time things change and there was always the possibility of changing to even an Intel processor like they have in NUC's as an example.

I'm still looking for a replacement for my 1000 but haven't found anything that covers all the bases adequately. Especially when it comes to he audio passthrough and Netflix HDR. True the Shield may be close but it has its own issues which don't work for me. Considering how far along they are compared to most Android boxes I truly believe if Mede8or truly desired to create solid hardware and worked hard on the software side of things they could have come up with something new and stayed in the game until either a better choosey came along or they came out with different products to keep the company alive instead of bailing as soon as they did.

Not to mention the lack up software updates on their current models which seemed to dry up pretty quick. There were a lot of excuses which looked more like let's take whatever money we made and run because things got hard and the landscape wasn't as cut and dry and when they started making these devices instead of trying to innovate and look for other possible solutions. I bought one of your products because there were rave reviews on the support you provided for your products. Maybe I came to the game to late because I experienced a completely different company
Title: Re: What happened to Mede8er?
Post by: jer1956 on November 14, 2017, 08:31:53 am
Yes you did. It took a lot of effort to get both 23.976 and 24 hz out of the X3D. It didn't work out of the box using the Realtek SDK. But that was when there was a handful of companies and the effort was justified by good sales. If too many buyers are now happy with cheap rubbish running Kodi, return on effort doesn't  get rewarded. When that happens you end up like A C Ryan. Even the start up The Little Black Box had to throw in the towel. This market had enthusiasts running it when it started. They get no satisfaction from putting a logo on an off the shelf box anyone can make.

If Mede8er had created a new player firmware upgrades for the X3D would have stopped when they did anyway.