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Title: Offline scan tool for TV series
Post by: riaanstrydomza on October 13, 2016, 12:37:59 PM

Is there a chance of getting an offline scanner for TV series folders?  I am already using TVRename to sort/rename/index all my TV series, but what it doesn't have is an option to create the root folder db index file which would make the TV Series folder searchable...

I already use Lupos Offline scanner for movies, and I actually sent him a message asking if it would be possible to have it scan TV folders, but would like to ask in the meantime if anyone perhaps has such a tool or can create such a tool...

Thank you!

PS- I have no intention whatsoever letting Med8 itself scan my folders, it is arduous at best and useless for me due to the range of movies/tv series I have which is not readily available on the available sites for scanning, so manual work on my part does the hard work, just would like to have the same features in TV series as well