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Title: Background inspired by 'X3 Bubbles Skin by Mede8er'
Post by: intentus on January 14, 2015, 05:03:29 am
I started working on my future X3D Tronification skin today.  :D I think my first background result looks too inspired by the X3 Bubbles Skin by Mede8er, so I am posting this "look-a-like" background and will rework the background for my future skin.

The background is a modification of my original "Mede8er  - The greatest show on earth" background below which is a bit more "3D Tron-ish":

HQ 1920x1080 PNG!

( (

(I don't recommend to use it with any skins, but your choice...feel free to use it however you like ;))

I tried to rework above background to the X3 Bubbles Skin by Mede8er (the background is at end of post).

Any feedback (both positive/negative) about the background(s) would be appreciated. :)

(I am a total skin newbie, so please don't expect my "Tronification" skin anytime soon, but I hope you look forward to it ;)).

X3 Bubbles Skin by Mede8er,14524.msg94975.html

My inspired background

( (

Example in use with X3 Bubbles Skin by Mede8er:

( (

Link to my background album: