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TV Series XML Wall

Fanart Music Player

V2.0.7 -- 2 May2012
1.   Fixed -- Random crashing with Video files/GUI on Local HDD
2.   Fixed -- File to folder problems experienced by some with V2.0.5/V2.0.6 on local HDD    
3.   Fixed -- Music JukeBox Album Search causes X2 to Crash
4.   Fixed -- Fanat.jpg not masked
5.   Fixed -Open Media Browser, go to HDD, choose a folder with MP3 and start to Play it. Press HOME, select PHOTO  
      Search (music plays in the background). Select first photo and press PLAY to start the Slideshow. Works with music
      background. Press STOP - X2 Crashes
6.   Fixed - Go to Media Library, select any folder, with movies. Set View Type to Movie (8x2 thumbs). Press HOME,
      switch to Photo Search. View Type not updated, and you see photos in Movie-Type style, so 8x2 thumbs instead of 4x2.
7.   Fixed -- Open Photo Search, switch to Photo Directory mode, explore press HOME,Switch to Media Library, open any
      folder, with movies (from HDD), you will not see movies. Photo filter
8.   Fixed -- Audio track is not selected in order. Does not respect the embedded Audio track #1 position.
9.   Fixed -- Filename.jpg not being masked when used in TV Series XML Wall
10. Changed Music Player Focus Image to solid png to resolve slow down navigation issue
11. Fixed  -- crash issue on last thumbnail in Movie Jukebox if it was a multiple of 16
12. Fixed -- Time Zone Localization spelling
13. Fixed -- Music Player Index digit not showing
14. Fixed -- creation dummy folders Movie / Music / Pictures on HDD  

Download Firmware
V2.0.7 --2May2012

If you cannot download the complete install file from the above link you can try this.
Download all the following 4x files and join them with HJSplit

MD5: 2002656549C0176AC724BA9C8D186E75

Online Music Jukebox User Guide

Online Movie Jukebox User Guide

Demo Pack
You can download an internal demo pack 'Series - Demo_12March2012.rar' that might well be worth downloading and testing as this will give you a feel for this new functionality. PLS DO NOT TRY TO PLAY THE VIDEO FILES AS THEY ARE ACTUALLY TXT FILES RENAMED. - Demo_12March2012.rar

TV Series XML Wall Teaser

Music Jukebox User Guide - Updated 23 March2012

Music Player with Fanart Teaser

You can use ThumGen with a Mede8er Profile to scan your Series in order to create the images and xml files  

Mede8er XML Series Wall  Profile Download
Updated Profile 22April 2012:

Mede8er TV Series XML Wall explanation
Organizing TV Series for Media Players can be very challenging and time consuming if you intent to have Image and Episode support in terms of Plot info etc. We have designed the new TV Series XML Wall to be easy to use in conjunction with a well respected scraper called Thumbgen. The fact that it is not html based means that the user can easily change Plots, Images and Fanart without messing up the main structure. Thumbgen in conjunction with the Mede8er Profile will do all the following for you with the exception of Point4

1)   Thumbnail images ideal size = 160 x 237 pixels
2)   If you place a Series.jpg image 160 x 237 pixel in each episode folder then it will be applied to all thumbnails in the folder
3)   A Folder.jpg 160 x 237 can be used if you want to show a different image from outside the folder
4)   You can change each thumbnail image individually if you require to do so  - Just name the image with the same name as the video file the extension must remain .jpg
5)   Thumbgen will automatically make the correct Episode xml  --  basically each video file requires its own xml file
Band Of Brothers_2001 - E01 - Currahee.mkv
Band Of Brothers_2001 - E01 - Currahee.xml

Instructions for the use of Thumbgen to scrape xml and images for the TV Series XML Wall

1) Download and Install Thumbgen
2) Download the Mede8er Profile and unzip it.  Copy the file 'Mede8er Profile 'Mede8er TV Series XML Wall_12March2012.tgp' to the Profile folder in Thumgen
3) Open Thumbgen and select the Profile on the Top Left  ' Mede8er TV Series XML Wall_12March2012'
4) Select Process Files / Folder
5) Navigate to the Folder you want to scan and select it
6) Now go to 'Create Sheets/ thumbnails' and select a scanning option
7) Thumbgen will do the scraping and copy the correct files to the folder you select.

Fanart Explanation
You can use a Fanart.jpg 1280 x 720 pixel in any folder and it will be supported including the Video Jukebox. Fanart is really nice in the music player and you need to experiment a little. I suggest you find suitable images with Google and select the filter to show Images and select the size filter to 1600 x 1200 and then use Photoscape or any image package to crop the image to 16:9 and re-size it to 1280 x 720.
Download Photoscape --



If you installing a new Hard Drive then it should be formatted in the X2 for correct operation. After the format the Hard Drive should be shown as HDD: in the Media Library. (Not the Devices Page) If it not shown as HDD then you must format the Hard Drive a second time)

Emergency Procedure
Download the latest Mede8er Firmware from UnZIP or UnRAR or join with HJ Split and will find one file named install.img. Copy this file to the root directory of a Flash Drive. Plug the flash drive into the Mede8er. Unplug the power to the X2. Plug the power jack back in and hold the ON/OFF button on the Mede8er (not the remote) down for 15sec and then release. After the firmware has been checked (+-5-10sec) it will start to update. You will see the update progress on your TV.  Do not remove power during the Firmware Update procedure .

Use the My_Shortcuts method as shown in this demo

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