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MED500X - MED400X Firmware v4 - 25 January 2011
« on: January 25, 2011, 04:31:00 PM »
Hi All Mede8ers

The long awaited V4 is finally here.

This release has taken a lot longer than we had ever dreamed as we had huge SDK problems with V4 and had to change to a later SDK that also had its share of problems - We are pleased to announce that most problems are now resolved.  We think we now have a very fast and responsive release that is very stable under most conditions. We welcome you to try it and give us your feedback.


Reason for two versions

The reason for 2 firmware versions is that the new SDK that we are using has restrictions as foll

1) DD Hardware all will work as it should and you will get 5.1 passthrough on SPDIF from normal 5.1 and  HD Audio source material
2) DD+ Hardware will work as it should on HDMI but on SPDIF it will passthrough Core 5.1 from Core 5.1 source fine-- but it will not pass Core 5.1 from HD Audio 5.1 or 7.1 source material

So users who use SPDIF cannot get the benefit of HD Audio (as we know you cannot get HD Audio on SPDIF) and they should use the "NO_HD_AUDIO" version and then they will get normal Dolby 5.1 and DTS from 5.1 source BUT they will also get Core 5.1 Dolby and DTS from HD Audio 5.1 and 7.1 source. If on the other hand they use the version "INC_HD_AUDIO"  they will only get 2 ch stereo from HD Audio source.


DD Hardware  = Use either
DD+  Hardware   - SPDIF used for audio  = use "no HD Audio version"
DD+ Harware   - HDMI 1.3 AMP used for audio  = use "Inc HD Audio version"
DD+ Hardware - HDMI to TV used for audio  = Use either

Recommended for users who use HDMI audio

Recommended for users who use SPDIF audio

Recommended for users who use HDMI audio

Recommended for users who use SPDIF audio

Update the Mede8er in the normal way via Emergency procedure

Emergency Installation Procedure

 - Download the latest Firmware from the Mede8er website
 - Unrar / Unzip the file i.e. install.img
 - Copy this file to the root directory of a Flash Drive
 - Plug the flash drive into the Mede8er
 - Disconnect the power jack at the rear of the Mede8er then plug it back in
 - Now press the on/off button (on Mede8er unit - not remote) - keep it pressed in for 15 seconds and then release
 - The LED on the front fascia of the Mede8er with flash red-blue
 - You will get a progress bar on your TV display (some TV's will not display this)
 - Wait until the Mede8er re boots itself +/- 90 sec
 - Your Mede8er is now updated;
 - Re-boot once by pulling power and use as normal
-  Do not use Restore Confiig from another version


For those who are having problems with the update
The reason that the install is not working is that the Bootloader did not update

1) download
2) Use the utility to formatt your USB Flash Drive to FAT32
3) Install the firmware again
4) If the above does not work please try another USB Flash Drive

If the above does not work for med500X then try the following


Pls try a few times and if it still does not update the bootloader then you will need to do the 17L Bootloader Patch procedure

Instructions for updating from Bootloader 17L
   a) Download
       b) Unzip the file  and you will find 2 files inside.
         install.img and install.dat
   c) Copy these files to the root of a USB drive
   d) Install via Emergency Procedure.
      --- On the first stage you will see the patch install on the screen
      --- then the Mede8er will reboot
      --- Next you will see BETA2 install on screen and a yellow box after half of progression bar stating it has to reboot
      --- then another reboot
      --- then again it starts to install BETA2 and finishes with install complete and reboots


   e) Delete the two files install.dat / install.img on the USB stick
   f)  Unrar/Unzip the file (Depends on your requrement)
       MED500X_V4_INC_HD_AUDIO_25Jan2011 or MED500X_V4_NO_HD_AUDIO_25Jan2011
        and copy the install.img to the root of the USB stick.
   g) Update the Mede8er in the normal way via Emergency procedure

Please be patient as the update from 17L is much longer that the normal firmware update.  


INFO UPDATE 28 Jan2011

If you have tried all the above and only get the E8E loading screen  then we suggest you use V4BETA5 as a Bootloader updater. Some users have noted that unplugging the HDMI cable before the update process and using the Composite Output (yellow) worked for them ---- so this is something also worth trying.  

Step 1
We suggest you first format your USB Stick with this utility

Important -- you must first install V4BETA5
After installation check that the Mede8er is working correctly then reboot and go to Step 3. If the V4BETA5 did not install correctly we suggest your re download the firmware and use another USB Stick and start off at Step1

Install V4

Recommended for users who use HDMI audio

Recommended for users who use SPDIF audio
Update the Mede8er in the normal way via Emergency procedure

If you do not have you own Cover Art download the Demo

Online Multilanguage Guide

The Mede8er Web Remote full functionality is not 100% complete but many aspects can be used for demo purposes.
Switch on the Web Remote in the Setup menu
Type the following in your browsers adress bar and change the your-mede8er-ip to the Mede8er actuall IP

pls shoutcast radio staton shortcut samples

Note: The Video Wall now uses the USB DrIve "name" so pls make sure that your USB drives is named and if you use more than one USB Drive make sure they have different names. This can be changed in Windows  --  My Computer  -- Drive   - Properties  

Changelog from V4beta5

1.   HD Audio problems fixed (DD+ hardware)
2.   AAC 6 ch HDMI Passthrough fixed
3.   PCM passthrough on SPDIF  
4.   Compressed MKV headers fixed
5.   Windows Live Essentials Network login fixed
6.   Samba network copy instability fixed
7.   Navigation crashing problem fixed
8.   Write and read support for USB hosted devices over Samba fixed
9.   .pls file Radio station support
10.  Video Wall Alpha Search added
11.  Video Wall Page Jump Added
12.  Video Wall Series view changed - Now supports long file names
13.  Video Wall GUI update
14.  Video Wall now reads USB HDD “name” – to eliminate paths being mixed up
15.  Video Wall support for BDISO files
16.  Music player loading time fixed
17.  Support ape audio files
18.  Support ape .cue files (beta support)
19.  Dummy folders on internal HDD fixed – removed
20.  Icelandic Language support
21.  LED inversion on MED400X
22.  Discreet “off” code added
23.  IP remote improved – still beta and waiting for extra functionality
24.  Improved WiFi Performance
25.  General Bug fixes
26.  Support MAC HFS hosted drive - Working but still under internal testing (3Feb2011)

Origonal V4 Features

*  Support Dolby True HD and DTS MA passthrough - DD+ hardware
•   New “Video Wall” with mapped share functionality
•   New GUI
•   Improved network streaming performance (both Samba & NFS / DD+ and DD hardware)
•   Improved and fixed SAMBA NTFS write (NAS Mode)
•   Shoutcast Radio API implementation
•   New SDK and general improvement and bug fix
•   Picture Thumbnail Viewer
•   Improved upsampled picture quality SD content
•   Added Thai Language support
•   Added Icelandic Language support


Known Issues
* Playlist option missing from Slideshow Setup
* Picture Slidshow  - Screensaver starts on its own
* Image quality on folder.jpg and about.jpg on the Video Wall
* File Manager - "Move" options not working correctly
* File Manager - Cannot copy into Protected Folder
* Large size USB FAT32 formatted HD's not working  
   Workaround - Use a older release or convert HDD to NTFS - search Google for procedure"
* HD Audio will only passthrough on HDMI if TV Res Output is set to 720 or Higher  
* Downmix SPDIF / Co- Ax Digital must set HDMI AND SPDIF to Downmix 2 CH
* Flac .cue files support (SDK- Realtek)
* APE  .cue files support (SDK - Realtek)
* ID3 tags FLAC Audio (SDK - Realtek)
* BDMV over NFS ( SDK - Realtek)
* DD+ Hardware will not Passthrough to Core5.1 from HD Audio source on SPDIF (Awaiting Realtek)
   Workaround - Use the "No HD Audio Firmware Version"
* Screensaver flicker
* Long Playlist over 3000 songs
* Random Audio Play
* PPPoE bug (SDK- Realtek)
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