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V3.0.2 - 14Dec 2013 XXX OPEN BETA XXX X3D Series
« on: December 15, 2013, 05:52:34 PM »

We urge you to firstly read the V3 Specific User Manual before just making posts about things not working correctly.  

NOTE: All Hard drives must have a unique name for correct functionality with V3 firmware. Connect the Hard Drive to your Windows PC and in My Computer right click the Drive icon and you can give the Hard Drive a name. Remember that each drive must have a unique name example Hard Drive1, Hard Drive2 etc etc

Win7, 8, 8.1 users - Safe Removal is incompatible with the linux NTFS code. Instead use Utility to Eject the Mede8er (or shared external USB drive) - USB Disk Ejector
Vanishing files and un-mountable partitions can occur as  a result of using Safe Removal. Those should get fixed by using slave mode, running chkdsk and removing the player using the USB Disk Ejector tool.

ChangeLog V3.0.2 - 14 Dec2013_Beta
1. Dev. Setup option - Default Subtitle 'Internal' or 'External'
2. Dev. F1 button now toggles DNLA DMR when on Home or Favourites screen
3. Fix for MP4 with AC3 and AAC track - (works fine is AC3 is the first sound track) checking issue when AAC is first.  
4. Dev: subtitle: Improved text based subtitle border, now copy the text and change colour and add xy offset.
5. Fix: cover image corruption during DMR music playback.
6. Dev: audio output: add a setup menu 'Volume Fixed', if HDMI or SPDIF output is passthrough
7. Dev: subtitle: change do not to rename downloaded subtitle to,, now keep original name.
8. Fix: TextHorizontal still showing in home menu when we restore default skin.
9. Fix: Some WAV files have noise for last seconds when playing via HDMI/SPDIF output
10. Fix: setup menu default application: updated youtube-xl changed to 'YouTube', and 'File manager' changed to 'Media Library".
11. Fix: jukebox: will now sort 'Genre' data by alpha.
12. Dev: media library: will sort file and directory by name alpha.
13. Fix: jpeg decoder: occasional crash
14. Feature: subtitle: add 16 languages to download from internet.
15. Fix: smi subtitle: can't load smi file without HEAD area.
16. Dev: font: support maximum size of customized font up to 15MB.
17. Fix: Scraping Info meta - long actors names etc show under new names after 'Edit' function.
18. Fix: now prohibit any folder with contents inside to be made into a JukeBox+  
19. Fix: 'autoplay' function: single movie cann't repeat title.
20. Dev: auto play: won't display NEXT icon for 'autoplay'.
21. Dev: updated tvdb App to 1.0.8
22. Fix: jukebox tv series: we cann't save any text content when scrape language is set to Korean
23. Dev: Korean Scrape: will fit background to screen
24. Dev: font: add new Korean default font 'NanumBarunGothic.ttf'
25. Dev: jukebox: merge external patch to support runtime and convert html unsafe symbols for Korean jukebox 'daum'.
26. Dev: jukebox tv series: only scrape text content when scrape language is set to Korean
27. Dev: daumtv jukebox: will convert xml and html special symbol to correct symbol.
28. Dev: string table: update French strings
29. Fix: string: 'Fix NTFS partition' still no be translated.
30. Dev: string table: add 16 language name, such 'FARSI', 'HINDI''Basque', etc.
31. Fix: string table: 'Supprimer ""about.jpg""' should be 'Supprimer "about.jpg"'.
32. Feature: stringtable: add a string 'Brazilian Portuguese'.
33. Feature: subtitle: support download it in Brazilian Portuguese.

Install X3D_Series_V2_Bootloader_17Jan2013
Install using the Emergency Procedure -  After Installing this Bootloader updater your Bootloader should read as foll under Info in Setup Menu - KIIE.0402.0065
Warning: Do Not Unplug Power during the Bootloader updating process as this could result in a 'bricked' Mede8er.
Install V3.0.2- 14Dec2013_Beta

Install using the Emergency Procedure

Note: After a Firmware Update you need to add the JukeBox+ folder back to Favourites then Press Menu button and select ‘Aggregate JukeBox’ and then it should be exactly the way it was prior to the update.

X2 Skin for X3D Series
Note: this skin will only work correctly with V3.0.2 or higher

V3 Specific Functions User Manuals

Online Move Scraper User Guide

Online TV Series Scraper Guide

Yadis Look Movie Scraper Skin

Yadis Look Movie Scraper Skin2

Default Movie Scraper Skin Sample

Yadis Look Movie Scraper Skin Sample

JukeBox+ Online Guide

NET API - Apsolute App Online Guide

* YouTube subject to availability and support by YouTube and Mede8er cannot be held responsible should YouTube stop supporting the service.

NOTE: Press 'F3' Button to open Virtual Keyboard for AccuWeather and Internet Browser

Emergency Procedure
Download the latest Mede8er Firmware from UnZIP or UnRAR or join with HJ Split and will find one file named install.img. Copy this file to the root directory of a Flash Drive. Plug the flash drive into the Mede8er. Unplug the power to the X3D. Plug the power jack back in and hold the ON/OFF button on the Mede8er (not the remote) down for 15sec and then release. After the firmware has been checked (+-5-10sec) it will start to update. You will see the update progress on your TV.  Do not remove power during the Firmware Update procedure .

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Re: V3.0.2 - 14Dec 2013 XXX OPEN BETA XXX X3D Series
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2013, 06:54:27 PM »
Point 18

Those wishing to  rebuild their jukebox+ must use Empty, not Jukebox+ Reset. Using Reset in setup can leave the folder with contents which  prevents it from being re-used as the Jukebox+ host as it is not empty.  

It does mean  that those who previously jukeboxed+ on top of their media will still have their media if they use Reset. They can  then return that folder to  being a media store and create the blank folder they  should have.