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v2 is finally ready  ;D

Its been a long hard road from the time we started V2 in a small User Group back in 2012. I would like to thank our brilliant engineer Frank for his superb work on this release. Also a great big thank you to Maasbommel and Jer1956 as without their assistance V2 could not have happened. To Couto our official fps tester, thank you ;D  The community assistance has really been great aver the past period and a huge thanks to Shizzle for updating 'Y2M'. funkycochise for 'yadis2mede8er',  RobinC for  'Universal Mede8er Jukebox Aggregator', mognons for  'DuneX2Mede8er ' and Zakkie for 'TVRename' and to all others who made Mede8er specific tools. Lastly to the Mede8er Alpha and Beta testers - We thank you ;D  

V2 was a difficult project as we had set some very bold objectives but in summery I think we have achieved a lot more than we could ever have dreamed about. I am sure V2 is not 100% perfect (software never is) and this is not the end but the beginning and we will continue to fix and add as the need arises. I am personally taking a few weeks break as it been real hard work over the last period and I also need to clear my mind. Its really important that you read the Updated User Manuals and Online Guides and post your questions in the forum.

NOTE: All Hard drives must have a unique name for correct functionality with V2 firmware. Connect the Hard Drive to your Windows PC and in My Computer right click the Drive icon and you can give the Hard Drive a name. Remember that each drive must have a unique name example Hard Drive1, Hard Drive2 etc etc

Updates Bootloader 'KIIE.0402.0065' and V2.0.0_30May2013 firmware in one process

Old Two Step Method
Install X3D_Series_V2_Bootloader_17Jan2013
Install using the Emergency Procedure -  After Installing this Bootloader updater your Bootloader should read as foll under Info in Setup Menu - KIIE.0402.0065
Warning: Do Not Unplug Power during the Bootloader updating process as this could result in a 'bricked' Mede8er.
Install X3D_Series_V2.0.0_30May2013
Install using the Emergency Procedure

Alternative Download - X3D_Series_V2.0.0_30May2013 - Join with HJ Split -

V2 User Manuals

JukeBox+ Online Guide

NET API - Apsolute App Online Guide

ChangeLog V2.0.0 - 30 May2013
1. True 23.976 / 24 fps
2. Auto fps for USA
3, Jukebox+ - Internal jukebox aggregator
4. Added New YouTube Flash App
5. Added 3 row Movie JukeBox View
6. Added Watched/Unwatched filter for Movie JukeBox searching
7. Added Compound Filtering in Movie JukeBox
8. Added  exFAT basic support for USB Drives - Can play up to and including 2DBDISO (3DBDISO not supported)
9. Added support for Linux EXT3 Partition on HDD
10. Added new single NTFS Partition with internal HDD formatter
11. Added support for mounting Multiple Partitions on HDD
12. Added support for external subtitle in BDMV structure. ie subtitle naming  'foldername.ext' and place in the same folder as the BDMV (not in the BDMV folder)
13. Added setup option "Multiple Video Play".
14. Added Remote Number jump functionality ie Button #2 will take you to 20% of the total video time
15. Added Eject function for USB DVD Drive - Home Page press 'F2' Button or Devices Page and Press 'F2' button on rc.
16. New updated Subtitle display screen
17. Added separate DLNA DMS / DLNS DMR 'on/off' controls in Setup ---> Network
18. Added Watched Indicator icon on Thumbnail.
19. New Mede8er NET API API for iPhone/iPad/Android/PC/Mac/Win8 - etc Movie, Music, TV Series and Shares
20. XY Zoom 'with presets 'A' 'B'
21. Improved French, Hungarian Localization
22. Added support for English US, Greek, Czech Korean Russian
23. Dev: support for TVRename Episode Images - Require to update TVRename to TVRename2.2.4 and read release notes
24. Use disc label for HDD and USB Drives  
25. Updated images for DLNA music playback to match the rest of the GUI
26. DivX Support Removed  - Read this post,9929.msg62753.html#msg62753  
27. pls header for Shoutcast for Internet Radio Playlist updated
Title1=(#1 - 6/75) CMR Nashville
Title1=(#1 - 6/75) CMR Nashville
28. Disabled PhotoAlbum for screensaver, as it's based on realtek media library which has been disabled.
Win8 users - Use Utility to Eject the Mede8er - USB Disk Ejector
Remember to make the JukeBox+ an Aggregate JukeBox after firmware update as this is not done automatically

* YouTube subject to availability and support by YouTube and Mede8er cannot be held responsible should
YouTube stop supporting the service.

NOTE: Press 'F3' Button to open Virtual Keyboard for AccuWeather and Internet Browser

Emergency Procedure
Download the latest Mede8er Firmware from UnZIP or UnRAR or join with HJ Split and will find one file named install.img. Copy this file to the root directory of a Flash Drive. Plug the flash drive into the Mede8er. Unplug the power to the X3D. Plug the power jack back in and hold the ON/OFF button on the Mede8er (not the remote) down for 15sec and then release. After the firmware has been checked (+-5-10sec) it will start to update. You will see the update progress on your TV.  Do not remove power during the Firmware Update procedure .

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