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Mede8er x2 series V2.1.0 Jan8 BETA  MD5: A153A777991F43D9EBFA62E4530F8715

Changelog V2.1.0 - 8 Jan2013
1) Fixed - MP4 files with Apple Chapters - Chapters not supported but file can play
2) Fixed - Picasa Slideshow

User Manual MED500X2 - 
User Manual MED400X2S -

Changelog V2.1.0 - 7 Jan2013
1) Fixed - Host Name change in Setup Menu
2) Fixed Picasa  - Not opening images.
4) Fixed - ntfsfix does not work on HDD unless you have a USB Drive Plugged in
5) Fixed - PCIE WiFI On/Off Setup Menu - Does not show status
6) Fixed - Crashing when launching a Favlink to a share on samba.
2) Updated Gui Text

Changelog V2.1.0 - 22Dec2012
1) Fixed compatibility with Seagate USB 512e drives
2) Fixed the My_Movies.xml that was interfering with Mede8er xml  

Changelog V2.1.0 - 2Nov2012
1) Added PCIE WiFi On/Off in Setup Menu
2) Fixed DivX decoding
2) Subtitles on/off - improved functionality - if Subtitle 'off' in Setup menu can now switch 'on' one time on the sub menu
3) New function - AAC/MP3 Force decode - If set to 'on'  AAC/MP3 will be decoded to PCM  
4) Added BD Playlist Functionality - During BD Play press 'Menu' button and select new entry 'Playlist'
5) Added NTFS Check and fix - Copy to USB Drive / Loosing Favourites Links/ Watched Indicator  
New Functionality - NTFS Check  - Open Devices Page and press the 'red'  'F1' button then select a drive and X2 will perform a  - NTFS check and reset the Dirty Bit flag and check the file system. Suggest to use this functionality if you experience any write to HDD / USB problems.  
6) New Functionality - NFS mount Auto Scan
 X2 will Scan the NFS servers on the same IP segment, on boot up. Additionally you can perform a manual NFS scan with a new option called 'Probe' in the NFS menu.
7) General bug fixes

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